What is a Social Powered WiFi Hotspot?

The SoHotspot – short for Social Powered WiFi Hotspot – lets you create a free WiFi hotspot for your customers and prospects to connect to internet when they’re at your venue.

Social Powered Wifi HotSpot with no passwordsUnlike ordinary free Wifi, customers connect to your SoHotspot using their preferred Social Media site to login. No more passwords to give out or insecure open connections that let anyone in range hog your bandwidth! What’s more it works on every device: iPhone, iPads, Android Phones and Tablets, Windows Phones, Blackberry, PC and Mac.

What’s in it for you?

The problem with normal free WiFi is that although you provide it as a service to your customers – there’s really no tangible benefit to you as a business owner.

That’s about to change. The SoHotspot enables customers that connect to your WiFi to engage with your business; to Like, Share and interact with your brand through Facebook, coupons, promotions and much more. You’ll have immediate access to a goldmine of marketing data and contact details for your customers, so you can communicate with them and offer them timely, relevant information about your products and services.

Here’s how it works.

Customers find your free WiFi network on their device. The network name is  branded to your business so they can recognise it easily. They don’t need a password to connect – so you don’t have to worry about signs or slips of paper, or customers continually asking “What’s the WiFi password?”

But at this point – they don’t have access to the internet. That means you can put a stop to anyone in range connecting to your WiFi and taking advantage by ‘leeching’ your bandwidth and treating it as their own personal internet connection. Leechers slow your connection and spoil the experience for your real customers.

Connect to Wifi using Social Networks


Instead of making users register with complicated usernames and passwords, your customers connect using their favourite social networks in order to get access to the internet.

You control which networks you want to make available. Currently we support Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Optionally, you can also allow people to connect using their email address.



Social WiFi Users Engage with the business

Once they login, customers have the option to Like your Facebook Page – building your fan base.

The customers details are automatically collected and added to your database – including their real email address, and from Facebook, demographic data like their age, gender and home town.



Customers Like and  share your business


You can also prompt them to share a pre-written post to their social media feed.

When customers choose to do this, their friends see the post too – helping to spread the word about your business. Use the post to promote special offers, events, help with your reputation marketing – whatever you like.

Finally, you can show your customers any content you choose. Your website? A video? A special offer coupon? You could even sell an advertising spot to one of your suppliers and generate revenue. The possibilities are endless!


 Ready to get started with your own SoHotspot Social Powered WiFi Hotspot?